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Law 201 January 18, 2007 Chapter 1, problems 1-8 1. Statutory law comes into existence by legislative bodies at any level of government, such as statutes passed by Congress or by state legislatures. Common law came from the king’s courts from medieval England following the conquest of England in 1066. It sought to establish a uniform set of customs for the country as a whole, basically consisting of a body of general rules that applied throughout the English realm. There is a significant interplay between statutory and common law, and often when interpreting statutory law, the courts rely on common law as a guide. It also depends on whether there is a precedent for the case on point. 2. By following Hitler’s orders the Nazis violated natural law which is a system of moral and ethical principles that are inherent in human nature. The Nazis did not use their natural intelligence or reason when participating in the “crimes against humanity” which is today known as the genocide or Holocaust, in which innocent people of different various ethnic backgrounds
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