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Study Guide Questions for Final Exam Chapter 10 (1) What is empathy? (2) What is our weakest communication skill? (3) What are the five steps of listening? (4) What are common barriers to empathy? (5) What are advantages of empathetic listening? (6) What are elements of effective feedback? (7) What does it mean to be assertive? (8) What are ways to deliver information assertively? Chapter 11 (1) What is narcissism? (2) Are humans born narcissistic? (3) What impact does the media have on stereotypes? (4) How does ethnocentrism impact racism? Chapter 13 (1) How does social competence impact one’s capacity to develop relationships? (2) What elements should you consider when conveying a message?
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Unformatted text preview: (3) What are the 3 elements that serve as the basis for communication behavior? (4) What is NLP? (5) Messages are conveyed in what 3 ways? Which has the biggest impact? (6) What are the 3 preferences that make up our Representation System? (7) What are some behavioral indicators in communication? (8) What are the keys to successful communication? Chapter 14 (1) What is the risky-shift phenomenon? (2) What is meant by group think? (3) What are the 7 types of counterproductive group members? (4) What are the 4 major sources of conflicts in groups? (5) What are ways to resolve group conflict?...
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