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Eng201-Assign 3 - Alex Caron Henriette Recny Ignorance Isnt...

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Alex Caron Assignment 3 Henriette Recny 4-3-08 Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss The act of serving an opinion to something or somebody is called judging. It is of human instinct to judge. Ever since the beginning of man-kind, he has ridiculed those indifferent and socially deviant. The discrepancy with that is some people ‘judge a book by its cover.” The inverse of that statement is “walking a mile in somebody else’s shoes.” In that regards, how can one be prejudice to another human being without actually knowing what it’s like? Discrimination is such a powerful social tool that it could be considered the eighth deadly sin. There is no doubt that the United States of America has had a history filled with prejudice. The fact is that judging occurs every day in any shade of light, whether is be in America or in another country. This concept can be illustrated in an excerpt from Down and Out in Paris and London , by George Orwell and in “Mecca” from The Autobiography of Malcolm X . Both literary works display two different approaches to understanding the human ignorance of humans judging one another. Malcolm X explains in his autobiography the scrutiny of America’s attitudes towards non-white people. Malcolm Little, known as one of the most influential black leaders of his time, really elaborates about his pilgrimage and experiences. Not only is his journey outward, but inward as well. As a Muslim, he makes a religious trip to Mecca, also referred to as Hajj. He indulges in a holy tradition along with many fellow religious followers. This is a pilgrimage with
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thousands of other people all with the same common goal. He starts to compare this experience with the problems at home. This is first seen when he says “In America, I had ridden in more planes that probably an other Negro, and I never
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Eng201-Assign 3 - Alex Caron Henriette Recny Ignorance Isnt...

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