Gun Rights Essay - Jeffrey A. Goodhart There are many...

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Jeffrey A. Goodhart There are many issues that will be debated in the upcoming election. Some of which are abortion, immigration, poverty, and the war in Iraq. After the recent shootings, it is almost certain that gun control will be a hot topic as well. Debating such an issue is a waste of time because no matter the answer given by each candidate, there will always be a group opposing that answer. Gun control is an issue that will never be solved, and there are much greater problems that deserve this country’s attention. Many people believe that guns are a means for producing violent situations. These people are convinced that more guns equal more crime. It is a fact that a good percentage of crimes are committed with the assistance of firearms, but what some people do not realize is that a number of crimes are prevented because of firearms. When laws or bills are passed prohibiting civilians from purchasing firearms, people are being prevented from defending themselves. Banning certain types of weapons does not help the general population in most instances, because the criminals who use these weapons will illegally obtain them. This means that citizens are no longer able to defend themselves by using firearms, and people wishing to threaten those citizens are still obtaining weapons to do so. This can help explain why the number of firearm-related crimes rises whenever a gun ban is enacted. The number of criminal acts attempted does
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Gun Rights Essay - Jeffrey A. Goodhart There are many...

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