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May 12, 2009 Colleen Clancy Multi-variable Proposal After looking back at my project from last semester, I realized I did not gain much from the information I found throughout my research and analysis. Encouraged to choose a project that would interest me, I found a unique idea that would rouse my curiosity: shopping. I shop frequently throughout the week, whether by computer or by physically going to the mall or the store and browsing the aisles. With much consideration, I feel that I would have more data to analyze if I stayed with internet-shopping. After purchasing dozens of Christmas presents via the computer this year, I have been receiving constant e-mails to my school email address. Now I realize that much of my
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Unformatted text preview: time has drifted to internet shopping. I have also recognized that the time of day I go shopping has had an effect on my total satisfaction. So with this in mind, I decided I would track the number of hours I spend shopping online and the time in which I begin shopping. From those two independent variables I will record my total derived satisfaction level. It would be a topic of study that I feel would really reflect my interests and I would be curious to see where my satisfaction level would peak in terms of the number of hours spent shopping online and the time in which I shop. X: hours spent shopping online Y: hour in which I start shopping, where 11 am = 0 Z: satisfaction level of shopping experience...
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