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Unformatted text preview: ster Black Death 1327 1327 12 million people died shortage of workers demands more money better work environment *how did the growth of towns and the Black Death lead to the decline of serfdom? Serfs escape to town Black Death took so many lives Easy to become a apprentice then journeyman Could easily become a part of the middle class Universitas translates to an association of people in Latin *How did the church and religion influence medieval philosophy, science, and architecture? Bible was the answer for all of science The only type of art in the Middle Ages was in the form of churches Church was the explanation for everything *War of the Roses and Henry Tudor *Joan of Arc What was her nickname? What country was she from? What King did she aid? *Ferdinand and Isabella commissioned Columbus trade route to east how did their faith push the Muslims and Jews out of Spain in 1492 *How does the church begin to lose power? People begin to question the church Philip VI of France was the first to quest...
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