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MMW2 PAPER2 - Puckett 1 Lana Puckett MMW2 Section B01...

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Puckett 1 Lana Puckett MMW2 Section B01 Writing Assignment 2 (Chamberlain track) 20 February 2008 The Soul’s Brief Encounter with Earth The question of why we are here has been much debated and theorized. What is our purpose and is this purpose worth fulfilling? In Athens during the 5 th century B.C. philosophers were active in seeking an answer to this question. As depicted in Plato’s Apology and Crito , Socrates was one such philosopher who was put on trial for corrupting the youth with what he believed to be truth and knowledge. He was sentenced to death by the courts of democratic Athens and spent much time in jail before his final day came. Plato’s Phaedo is Plato’s depiction of Phaedo’s account of Socrates’ last day in which Socrates discusses with his followers about life, death and the soul. During these final hours of life, Plato’s account of Socrates’ actions and teachings suggests that one’s relatively brief life on earth is an important stage of the soul’s journey even though one’s soul is eternal. Socrates suggests that life on earth is important because the soul is on a journey and its time on earth is one of the paths it must take to create the entire journey. The soul is on a journey and just because the soul does have time on earth, makes it an important aspect of the whole journey, just as any other leg of the journey. As Socrates explains one aspect of the journey, “it is neither straightforward nor single. If it were, there would be no need for a guide… it seems likely that it contains many forks and crossroads” (Plato
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Puckett 2 108a1-108a5). The soul’s journey is destined to have obstacles and different paths.
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