speech #3 - Vita Yegorova 12/2/07 Major Speech #3 Cutter...

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Vita Yegorova 12/2/07 Major Speech #3 Cutter Wood Speech Outline I. Introduction Imagine yourself on a typical day, hanging around your house. You’ll probably go online, send a few emails, and surf the web. You’ll most likely spend a few hours on the phone as well. Imagine if all your actions were able to be tracked down and recorded in a file somewhere. Imagine someone examining and scrutinizing all your conversations, emails, phone calls, credit card purchases, medical and school records, and all the websites you have visited. Now you can stop imagining. Your life may already be under surveillance. II. Changes in the law a. Since the September 11 th attack, there have been many changes in surveillance laws. b. The original surveillance laws were created to protect the nation from potential terrorist and foreign attacks by authorizing US government agencies to perform physical searches and electronic surveillance. i. The goal of this law was to collect information on foreign intelligence. ii. Apparently, the Bush Administration didn’t feel like that was enough. The changes made to the law since September 11 th , allow the government many new powers. However, many of those powers don’t have anything to do with the law’s original purpose. III. New Powers
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speech #3 - Vita Yegorova 12/2/07 Major Speech #3 Cutter...

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