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Vita Yegorova 11/28/07 Accelerated Rhetoric Cutter Wood Speech Evaluation I feel like I did a good job on my speech. I was portraying a rape victim in support of the Plan B pill. The main rhetoric I tried to show was ethos. I felt like I could have been more emotional, but it is hard to act like a rape victim. I used many strong words that hopefully stirred up emotion in the audience. I felt like I did a good job of giving eye contact to my group and to the class. I also think I talked loud and clear enough for everyone to hear and understand. I kept a constant pace as well. I felt like the class
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Unformatted text preview: agreed I could have had more emotion or more passion in my character. I just think it was a hard role to take on and I did the best I could. I liked working with my group on the speech. I think we all put in the right amount of effort and put together a good speech. It was organized and presented well. We worked hard and met several times to work and practice the speech. We all had an equal amount of questions for us to answer and present our position. I think all the members of my group were responsible and did their best. I enjoyed working with them....
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