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Field Trip & Scripture Reading Reports Reports

Field Trip & Scripture Reading Reports Reports - b a...

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Field Trip Reports Note on field trip and extra credit requirements: You are required to go on 2 field trips (one east and one west, neither being to a place on ones own religious tradition), but you will normally write only one field trip report. The exception is if you go on a field trip on your own, in which case you must write it up even if you have already written up one field trip. You may receive extra credit for going on extra field trips, including to your own tradition only if they are class field trips. You will not receive extra credit for extra field trip reports. You should always go to places of worship when worshippers are present. How to write a report: the report must be between 200 and 400 words, or about one to two typed pages with double spacing and 1” margins all around. Please include the word count with every paper. The paper should consist of three parts: a) a detailed description of what you observed
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Unformatted text preview: b) a imaginative description of what the worshippers you observed seem to be feeling and experiencing. c) a description of how you felt at the time and in retrospect, particularly from a spiritual point of view. Saying you liked or disliked the experience is not enough. Scripture Reports You will write one scripture report. It will be on a religion other than your own, and it will be on a western religion if you wrote your field trip report on an eastern religion, and vice versa. If you come from a Christian tradition you may not write on the Hebrew scriptures, but you may write on Talmud selections which will be handed out in the Judaism packet. In Kramer there are a set of questions for each scripture selection. You will answer two of the questions, showing knowledge of the scripture and personal reactions in each case. The papers should be 200 to 400 words. Please show word counts at the top of the first page....
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