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Unformatted text preview: For a 0.015 M solution of CH3COOH and a 0.015 M solution of HNO2, complete the table (check the appropriate box). 2 points Property Stronger acid Higher pH Higher percent ionization Greater [OH−] HNO2 (Ka = 4.5×10–4) X X CH3COOH (Ka = 1.8×10–5) X X 4. What is the pH and [OH−] of the solutions? 6 points pH Solution [OH−] 0.00875 M HCl 2.060 1.14×10–12 M 0.015 M CH3COOH (Ka = 1.8×10–5) 3.28 1.9×10–11 M 0.0211 M Sr(OH)2 12.625 0.0422 M Work (as needed): ⎡ H + ⎤ ⎡CH 3COO −...
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