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Sociology/Anthropology 121A/B: Spring 2008 Study Guide for Exam #2 The second exam for Soc/Anthro 121A and B will be Monday, April 14 th . The format will be the same as the first exam: first a section of true/false questions, then several essay questions. Materials Covered on this Exam: Reading: Sociology Matters, chapters 4 (deviance) through 7 (gender chapter) Mountains Beyond Mountains (all) Dude, You’re a Fag (all) “Institutional Racism and White Skin Privilege” (handout) “Important Turning Points in U.S. Immigration Policy” (handout) Films: “People Like Us” (first 24+ minutes) “Class Dismissed” (minutes 32-50) “Race: The Power of an Illusion” (Part II, first 10 minutes), and Part III, minutes 26-54) “China’s Lost Girls” (all) “Sixteen Decisions” (all) Terms and Concepts to be Familiar With (mostly from Sociology Matters ): Social control Conformity Milgram experiment Informal social control Deviance Stigma Anomie Cultural transmission Socialization Differential association Routine activities theory Labeling theory Racial profiling Functionalist theory Conflict theory
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Feminist theory Victimless crime White-collar crime Stratification Income Wealth Ascribed status Achieved status Slavery Caste Social class Upper-middle class Working class Marxist theory Capitalism Bourgeoisie Proletariat False consciousness Conspicuous consumption Absolute poverty Relative poverty Feminization of poverty Life chances Social mobility Cycle of cumulative advantage Open (stratification) system Intergenerational mobility Colonialism Neocolonialism
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guide - Sociology/Anthropology 121A/B: Spring 2008 Study...

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