QUIZ - ----------QUIZ------------Cytoskeleton:You will have...

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Unformatted text preview: ----------QUIZ------------Cytoskeleton:You will have 12 questions from chapter 9, about microtubules, centrioles, MFs and IFs:Use the Cytoskeleton-sarcomere-study sheet; it should be nearly everything you need for Sarcomeres.Here are some questions you might have:1. ____________ moves to the plus end of a microtubulea. Kinesinb. Centriolec. Dynactind. Dyneine. Myosin2. The microtubule wall is composed of globular proteins arranged in longitudinal rows called _________. a. Prototubulinsb. Microfilamentsc. Myofibrilsd. Protofilamentse. Prototubules3. In a normal microtubule, how many protofilaments make up its cylindrical wall?a. 2b. 22c. 12d. 13e. 94. Hmmm Microfilaments have?a. Dyneinsb. Myosinsc. Kinesins And which way do they walk?a. To the + endb. To the endc. To the bakery by the old shoe store So which end of the actin is at Z line of the sarcomere? a. (+), (even though the end is usually the base)b. (-), (even though the + end is usually the base)c. (+), (it doesnt matter, both + and ends can be the base of the actin strand)d. Both a and c, since actin arent microtubules, they can have a (+) at the Z line (base). Im just confused 5. In electron micrographs of animal cells, microtubules are seen to radiate out from the _________ of the ___________ (This is a wordy Q like whats on the test, just take your time and picture everything in your head)a. pericentriolar material, centriolesb. centrosome, pericentriolar materialc. pericentriolar material, centrosome d. mitochondrion, pericentriolar material e. centrosome, centriolef. centriolar material, centrosome 6. Which protein fits securely into the grooves between two thin filament actin chains? (hint* its like a chain around the myosin binding sites of actin)a. actininb. tropomyosinb....
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QUIZ - ----------QUIZ------------Cytoskeleton:You will have...

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