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organizational behavior - Due: November 26, 2007 The...

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Due: November 26, 2007 The Patterson Operation 1. Is the Patterson operation successful? To the degree that it can be judged a success, what factors contribute to it? I feel that the Patterson operation was very successful. The Patterson operation was opened when the management at Carrington (which was an international company engaged in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical, proprietary drugs, cosmetics and toiletries.) made a decision to move a large part of the assembly of the deals to a facility already leased by the company which was used as a warehouse. The warehouse was located 3 miles away from the main plant however; it was in a neighborhood of run-down, low- income housing, and other warehouses. The building was very dark, poorly ventilated, not air conditioned, inadequately heated, no cafeteria or food service, and had poor restrooms and break areas. This served as a poor working environment for its employees. The factors that help to contribute the Patterson operation a success was Fred Hammond, a firstline supervisor. He set up an assembly line so that workers did that same job until that particular order was completed. This was very different from that of the main plant since there they could work on up to three different jobs in the same day. By having the employees repeat the same job they were able to develop a speed which allowed
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organizational behavior - Due: November 26, 2007 The...

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