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Unformatted text preview: ling towards a player at 14.0m/s. She returns the birdie straight back at 19.3m/s. If her racket remains in contact with the birdie for 0.00320s, what is the average force of the racket on the birdie? a. 20.7N b. 130N c. 115N d. 207N 10. Which is greater: the gravitational force of the moon pulling on the earth, or the gravitational force of the earth pulling on the moon? a. The earth’s force on the moon b. The moon’s force on the earth c. Neither, they are equal (but > 0) d. Neither, they are both zero 11. If Ax = 32 N and A = 55 N, what is the angle θ at which the vector A meets the positive x‐ axis? a. 36⁰ b. 54⁰ c. 30⁰ d. 60⁰ 12. If a ball is thrown on the surface of the earth at 30⁰ below vertical, with an initial velocity of 5.0 m/s, how high will it travel? a. 1.91 m b. 0.22 m c. 0.96 m d. 1.32 m 13. Which of the following statements about kinetic energy is false? a. Kinetic energy is a scalar quantity b. The kinetic energy of an object is always non‐negative c. The change in kinetic energy of an object is equal to the total net work done on the object d. Kinet...
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