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Unformatted text preview: times greater than that of the earth. Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of Jupiter, compared to that at the surface of the earth, gE. a. b. c. d. e. 5. An object of mass m hangs from a massless spring with a spring constant of k on Earth. How much does the spring stretch on Planet Xio‐2 where the gravitational constant is 2/3g compared to how far it stretches on Earth? a. ½ as much b. 3/2 times more c. 2/3 as much d. 3 times more 6. A yoyo at the end of its string is being held by a person walking at a constant velocity in the positive‐x direction. Which force does the most work on the yoyo? a. Gravity b. Tension in the string c. The force applied by the person d. None of the above 7. The force of gravity can be described as F=Gm1m2 /r2. Using dimensional analysis find the dimensions of the gravitational constant G. a. [M][T]/[L]3 b. [M]2[T]2/[L]2 c. [L]2/[M][T] d. [L]3/[M][T]2 8. An archer shoots an arrow horizontally made with eagle feathers at a speed of 50.0m/s. He similarly shoots a plastic arrow at 100m/s. What is the ratio of the mass of the eagle arrow to the plastic one? a. ½ b. 2 c. 4 d. ¼ 9. A 12.5g badminton birdie (shuttle) is travel...
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