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Iv would you still do this deal why or why not 4 go

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Unformatted text preview: ld you change the “Space Mix”? If so, how? If not, why not? iv. Would you still do this deal? Why or why not? 4. Go back to the spreadsheet template and modify the assumptions to accomplish two goals: a. Incorporate your proposed mix of uses for the project based on your observations and analysis from question 3. Your proposed mix cannot remain the same as the “Base Case”. b. Consider the impact of increasing the Loan-to-Value Ratio on the returns, specifically using the inputs from the Financing Matrix found earlier in this homework. Is there a set of loan terms that produce what you consider to be superior risk-adjusted returns to equity? i. Save the final result as your “Project Mix and Financing Proposal”. Print the four sheets and save them to hand in with your assignment. c. Lastly, provide a brief summary, as detailed below under report guidelines. HOMEWORK SUBMISSION FORMAT: The submission format is given below; again let’s take a few minutes to go over the format. ▪ Answer to Question 2 – Include a one to two page response to the questions posed in 2.a. – 2.e.. and a completed Table A. ▪ Answer t0 Question 3 – A 2-3 paragraph description of the proposed mix of spaces, a one paragraph summary that refers to the reasons for the chosen financing opt...
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