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Lab_Report_Checklist - Biology Lab Report Checklist TITLE(p...

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Biology Lab Report Checklist TITLE (p. 57) Descriptive and concise AUTHORS Writer is first author, lab partner(s) second (third, etc.) author ABSTRACT (pp. 56–57) Contains purpose of experiment Contains brief description of methods Contains results Contains conclusions INTRODUCTION (pp. 55–56) Contains background information from the literature (primary references) Selected references are directly relevant to your experiment. Citation format is correct. Citations are paraphrased. Direct quotations are not used. Objectives of experiment are clearly stated. MATERIALS AND METHODS Materials are not listed separately (p. 35) No references to containers (pp. 35–36) No description of routine procedures (p. 36) No preview of how the data will be organized or interpreted (p. 37) Written in paragraph form (not a numbered list) (p. 35) Written in past tense (p. 35) Contains all relevant information to enable the reader to repeat the experiment. This includes volumes, temperatures, wavelengths, and so on (p. 37) ©  2005 Sinauer Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. Permission granted to users of 
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