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BME 154 Lab 1 Prelab

BME 154 Lab 1 Prelab - Auto mode the sweep continues with...

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Prelab BME 154 Lab 1 – Equipment review 2. \ 3. A DC offset will not affect the algorithm unless the offset is greater than the amplitude of the waveform. If that occurs then the rising edge will never cross zero and no measurement can be made 4. If the trigger level is not set within the range of the input signal, no sweep occurs under Normal mode, while in
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Unformatted text preview: Auto mode the sweep continues with no synchronization with the input waveform. 5. The Single Seq button sets the oscilloscope to single acquisition mode , such that it will automatically stop acquiring after one acquisition is complete or after one set of records has been turned into an envelope or average waveform....
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