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own notes 1 - Creeds In the NT we find repeated...

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Creeds In the NT, we find repeated stipulations that followers of Jesus are to confess Him To confess is a key theme in the N.T. This confession is not one to a system of thought/proposition/idea but is related to a person- Jesus Confession means commitment, not theology or individual statements. There are theologians who are rather upset by this reality o Statements propagated by the church 1. They attempt to summarise the Christian faith in its entirety 2. Attempt to speak to issues relevant at a particular time 3. Creeds used the language/cultural patterns of the time when it was written “Fences” – Establishes parameters/boundaryline beyond which no believer may go. What concomitantly they need not believe “according to the scriptures” – affirming Hebrew scriptures as Old Testament o An integral part of scripture Catholic understanding – no. of distinctions – what one must believe → dogma/doctrine → creeds of the church Protestant denominations that have creeds: Lutherna, Anglican (39 articles), Reformed, Calvinist, Presbyterians, Antitrinitarians Others attest allegiance to the Bible and do not affirm any creed Donatists believe: o There is a limit to God’s willingness to forgive. o Some sins are so horrible /awful that they cannot be forgiven. Theology must always be seen as a whole Theologians found it helpful to employ nonbiblical vocabulary to express biblical truth
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Heretics → Schismatics (signify that something is out of joint) The dividers E.g. eastern orthodox church from Roman catholics → Apostates - At one time embraced Christianity, then fell by the wayside → Infidels – outside the orbit of the church Definition: Those who reject the recognized teaching of the Church, means “making the (wrong) choice. The penalty for heresy is excommunication Represents a value judgment that I may or may not agree Theological judgments are both timeless and time-conditioned (e.g. Germany in 1934/35 confession of faith – how to deal with a government that seeks to involve itself in Church affairs) Marcion – early 2 nd Century No writings from his own pen What we know about him are quotations from mainline Chrisitan writings We know virtually nothing about him as a person. o Born sometime in 80s AD o Father was a Christian Bishop o No indication that he was trained o Was a Shipping entrepreneur 139 – Appears in Rome, Joins as a Christian o Writes a check to the church – all his fortune, a staggering amount 140s o Challenges the priests/bishops on the meaning of certain scriptural passages o Congregation in Rome embarrassed at having received such a sum o Returned donation to Marcion o Founded a congregation of his own o Evidence of a (small) Marcion church up to the middle ages What was his teaching? From what did Jesus save me?
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own notes 1 - Creeds In the NT we find repeated...

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