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primates - Jeffrey Carter 003264286(date at zoo Zoo Trip...

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Jeffrey Carter 003264286 2/13/08 (date at zoo) Zoo Trip and Observations Exercises 1. Introduction I went to the Los Angeles Zoo on February 13th, 2008. I entered the zoo around 11:00 A.M. and made my way to the primate exhibits. I started my first observation around at approximately 11:30 AM. The reason I choose the species that I did was because of the fact they were the most active of all the other ones that I first saw. They seemed to be my best bet at getting the most data out of the shortest amount of time, considering that I do not have 100+ hours of time to spend observing. After my first observation of the chimpanzee exhibit, I then went around to some of the other exhibits featuring a wide range of different non-human primates. Some of the exhibits had a few different species in the same area (not confined area, but same general area); I then would pick and choose which I wanted to observe based on their activity. If they were active and moving around and doing different things, I would pick them. If they were non- active, for instance, just sleeping, or standing there and not doing much of anything, I would pass on observing them and move on. The weather was actually very nice, not cloudy or stormy by any means, couldn't have asked for a more clear sunny day to do my project. One of the species I only observed for an hour, and the rest I observed for 15- minute intervals, keeping the time frame at 15 minutes each time so that it was concurrent with my findings. I tried to pick a mix of species that I was somewhat knowledgeable about and some that I have less knowledge about in order to broaden my findings and help me learn more about the non-human primates as a whole.
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2. Methods - Since I was unable to make it on the day that the rest of the class was going to the zoo, I ended up going to the Zoo on my own and doing the observations solo. It was a little more difficult, seeing as I had to be completely aware the entire time I was observing a species, but I also think this let me get the most out of my trip. Instead of having to go in with someone and collaborate with their observations, I was able to do it completely on my own and watch them fully. A couple problems did arise as I was watching certain exhibits, including other visitors to the zoo being somewhat of a distraction.
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