immoral vaslues

immoral vaslues - Enl-101 (50) Persuasive Argument...

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Enl-101 (50) Persuasive Argument Assignment Does popular music teach immoral values? Music use to have more meaning then what it has today. People use to listen to music in order to embrace the meaning of the lyrics. It was a way for an artist to express there feelings of love, or a love once had. It was classical and sophisticated way for composers to entice audiences with emotions by simply orchestrating just one violin. Yet sadly music has evolved tremendously since then. Most people today think of music as something with good rhythm, something that gets them moving, or better yet something that gets them to shake what there momma gave them. It’s an influence coming from a new type of music called Rap. Rap is teaching the youth of America immoral values. With songs that contain provocative language, lyrics that degrade women, and songs that promote usage of illegal substance such as marijuana. Songs such juveniles “Back That Ass Up” which degraded women by implying
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immoral vaslues - Enl-101 (50) Persuasive Argument...

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