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POLS Y103 Exam 1 Terms Dingell’s Law “The Rules Matter” procedures Right to Privacy “Clear and Present Danger” “I know it when I see it” Federal system Fiscal Federalism “Necessary and Proper” Commerce Clause Reserve Clause Implied Powers “Vote with your Feet” Hobbes and Locke Fundamental Rights Separation of Powers Checks and Balances Virginia, New Jersey Plans Representative Democracy Laissez-faire Capitalism Direct Democracy Equality of Opportunity Articles of Confederation Bill of rights Elastic clause Great Compromise Supremacy clause 3/5 th Compromise Bicameral
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Unformatted text preview: Block- by the government do not have to be used for a specific purpose can be used for any purpose, categorical must be used for a specific program, formula grants- given to state government using formula determines how much a state or local government grant Home rule Unfunded mandates Preemption Bill of Rights Due process of law Lemon Test Miranda rule “Speech plus” -pi Eminent domain Bill of attainder Selective Incorporation De facto, de jure Equal protection clause “Separate but Equal” Strict Scrutiny Gerrymandering...
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