E by working out the explanation of the relevant fact

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Unformatted text preview: d1-2) S answers that right opinion is “upgraded” into knowledge by a “giving an account of the reason why” (i.e. by working out the explanation of the relevant fact) which “ties” the opinion to the soul. Knowledge is more valuable because it remains in place. Question: What has not been done in the discussion with the slave such that further questioning could lead the slave to work out the explanation of the geometrical theorem? How natures can play an explanatory role ELEMENTS BOOK 1 an inequality of the same type. Euclid’s Elements Book 1, Proposition 34: In parallelogrammic figures the opposite sides and angles are equal to one another, and a diagonal cuts them in half . Proposition 1 τAnd, [F1] ε θείας the point A is the center of the circle CDB, [F2] AC is equal to AB. ς δοθείσης since πεπερασ ένης τρίγωνον To construct an equilateral triangle on a given finite Επ σόπλευρον συστήσασθαι. straigh...
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