The straight line ab let the with center and radius

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Unformatted text preview: t-line. Γ ∆ Α C Β Ε D A B E Εστω δοθε σα ε θε α πεπερασ ένη ΑΒ. Let AB be the given finite straight-line. εδ π τ ς ΑΒ ε θείας τρίγωνον σόπλευρον So it is required to construct an equilateral triangle on Definition of Circle: A Circle is a plane figure contained by one line, such that all of the συστήσασθαι. the straight-line AB . Κέντρ ν Α διαστή ατι δ τ ΑΒ κύκλος Let the with center and radius AB upon,τit from one point among those lying circle BCD and figureAarecircle ACE have another within the again let the equal towith one γεγράφθω ΒΓ κα πάλιν κέντρ ν τ Β διαστή ατι δ been drawn [Post. 3], τ ΒΑ κύκλος γεγράφθω ΑΓΕ, κα π το Γ ση είου, center B and radius BA have been drawn [Post. 3]. An...
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