compare world population 66 billion us population

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Unformatted text preview: • • • World Population – 6.6 Billion US Population - 0.3 Billion US is 4.5% of World Population World oil production – 82.5 M bbls/day US oil consumption – 20.7 M bbls/day US consumes ~25% of World’s Production US Oil Reserves US • Capacity 727 million Capacity barrels (to be expanded to 1 Billion barrels) barrels) • Filling is a political Filling issue issue • Stored in the salt caves Stored around Gulf of Mexico. Mexico. US Energy Flow in 2002 US Trade Deficit Trade Total Trade deficit Total ~ 1.4 Trillion Dollars (2008) (2008) http://www.americaneconomical Trade Deficit Trade Deficit Per Person: ~$50,280 ~$50,280 (How does this affect (How us?) us?) http://www.americaneconomical America consumes 3 times more oil than it produces. U.S. oil consumption has climbed to a record high (black line on chart) - - to 7.3 billion barrels per year (20 million daily) But, U.S. oil production (red line on chart) has declined to a 50-year low (since 1950, when America had 139 million fewer citizens) - - to just 2 billion barrels per year (5.7 million daily) - - a 71% consumption-to-production gap - (inventory adjustments not shown) - - and U.S. oil reserves are declining, with 4-10 years remaining if feasible to use every known drop - - requiring soaring imports from other nations (blue line on chart) - - while reserves of prime import sources d...
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