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Deforestation carbon emission carbon three fourths of

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Unformatted text preview: Carbon Emission Carbon Three fourths of Three the carbon emissions from human activities are due to the combustion of fossil fuels; the rest is caused by changes in land use, principally deforestation. deforestation. Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Scenario Greenhouse Risk Areas Risk Greenhouse Effects Greenhouse Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Hashimoto Predictions Hashimoto And we produce 90 million barrels of oil per day right now……. And Current Paradigm Current Inverted Paradigm Inverted Inverted Paradigm Inverted USA Inverted Paradigm Inverted USA Inverted Paradigm Inverted USA Fin! Fin! Read E.F. Schumacher’s “Problem of Production” for Read discussion on Thursday discussion Down load from Sakai Sakai Radiant Facts Radiant Diameter: About 100 times that of earth Mass: 99.8% of the Solar System (Jupiter has most of the rest) Core Temperature: 15.6 x 106 K Surface Temperature: 5800K Energy Production: 386 billion billion megawatts Insolation: 1000 - 250 Watts per square meter Insolation: Age: 4.5 billion Years (5 billion years more to go) Age: http://www.lbl.gov/MicroWorlds/ALSTool/EMSpec/EMSpec2.html...
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