lecture 3 page 22 what has been gained while reading

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Unformatted text preview: ----. . his neat URL t .Hi, Fred. I found . . his neat URL t. ... Lecture 3 Page 22 What Has Been Gained? • While reading mail and surfing the web, Fred isn’t able to upgrade the C+ + compiler – He doesn’t have the access rights • So if he accidentally downloads malicious code, it can’t “upgrade” the compiler CS 236 Online Lecture 3 Page 23 Changing Roles • Role based access control only helps if changing roles isn’t trivial – Otherwise, the malicious code merely changes roles before doing anything else • Typically requires providing some secure form of authentication – Which proves you have the right to change roles – Usually passwords, but other methods possible CS 236 Online Lecture 3 Page 24 Practical Limitations on Role Based Access Control • Number of roles per user • Problems of disjoint role privileges • System administration overheads CS 236 Online Lecture 3 Page 25 Number of Roles Per User • Each new role requires new authentication • Less secure if the authentication is the same for...
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