System at any given time the user is performing a

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Unformatted text preview: h user has certain roles he can take while using the system • At any given time, the user is performing a certain role • Give the user access to only those things that are required to fulfill that role CS 236 Online Lecture 3 Page 20 A Simple Example Fred is a system administrator Fred should operate under one role while doing system administration CS 236 Online But Fred is a also a normal user To:Fred From: Dick Subject: Fun URL -----Hi, Fred. I found this neat URL ... And another role while doing normal stuff Lecture 3 Page 21 Continuing With Our Example He decides to upgrade the C++ compiler So he changes his role to “sysadmin” Then he has the privileges to upgrade the compiler CS 236 Online Fred logs on as “fred” He reads his email To:Fred From: Dick To:Fred Subject: Dick URL From: Fun To:Fred -----Subject: Dick URL From: Fun To:Fred Hi, Fred. I found -----Subject: Fun URL From: this neat URL Dick Hi, Fred. I found -----. . his Subject: Fun URL . t Hi, Fred. I found neat URL -...
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