6 pictures of linkage in three positions gpi180g

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Unformatted text preview: linkage: zj, j=1,..,6 % pictures of linkage in three positions g=(pi/180)*g; ph=(pi/180)*ph; ps=(pi/180)*ps; mat1=[exp(i*ph(1))-1, exp(i*g(1))-1; exp(i*ph(2))-1, exp(i*g(2))-1]; mat2=[exp(i*ps(1))-1, exp(i*g(1))-1; exp(i*ps(2))-1, exp(i*g(2))-1]; d1=det(mat1); d2=det(mat2); if abs(d1*d2)<eps fprintf(’determinants: phi %10.5f, psi %10.5f’, d1, d2); error(’singular problem specification’); end sz=size(d); if sz(1)<sz(2) d=conj(d’); end % Caution Matlab takes conjugate when it transposes z25=mat1\d; z46=mat2\d; % equations for z2, z5 and z4, z6 z3=z25(2)-z46(2); z1=z25(1)+z3-z46(1); zout=[z1;z25(1);z3;z46(1);z25(2);z46(2)]; ph3=[1;exp(i*ph(1));exp(i*ph(2))]; g3=[1;exp(i*g(1));exp(i*g(2))]; ps3=[1;exp(i*ps(1));exp(i*ps(2))]; zlnks=zeros(5,3); % linkage in 3 positions zlnks(1,:)=zout(1); for np=1:3 zlnks(2,np)=ph3(np)*zout(2);zlnks(3,np)=zout(3)*g3(np); zlnks(4,np)=ps3(np)*zout(4);zlnks(5,np)=zout(5)*g3(np); end Pts=zeros(5,3); % location of revolute joins and precision pt. for np=1:3 Pts(1,np)=zlnks(2,np); Pts(2,np)=zlnks(2,np)+zlnks(3,np); Pts(3,np)=zlnks(1); Pts(4,np)=0; Pts(5,np)=zlnks(2,np)+zln...
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