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Unformatted text preview: d c lic k Cont inue. 1. Log in to WebAs s ign. 2. Selec t purchase access online and c lic k Cont inue. 3. Selec t items , c onfir m any lic ens e agr eements , and c lic k Ent er payment inf ormat ion. 4. In the Pay Pal page, pr ov ide y our pay ment and c ontac t infor mation and c lic k Cont inue. 5. Rev iew y our or der and c lic k Complet e Purchase. 6. Clos e y our r ec eipt and s tar t wor k ing in WebAs s ign. LEARN Your c ur r ent as s ignments ar e lis ted on the Home page for eac h c las s . WebAs s ign is tes ted and s uppor ted for the following Web br ows er s : Moz illa® Firef ox® , version 12 or lat er Windows ® , Mac ® O S X, Linux ® Int ernet Explorer® , version 8 or lat er Windows G oogle® Chrome™, version 19 or lat er Windows , Mac O S X Apple® Saf ari® , version 5.1 or lat er Mac O S X, iO S 5 or later on iPad® , Windows 1 BROWSER SETTINGS Configur e the following s ettings in y our Web br ows er . Allow c ook ies and pop­ up windows fr om www.webas s ign.net. If y ou ar e ac c es s ing WebAs s ign fr om Blac k boar d, ac c ept thir d­ par ty c ook ies . Do not allow y our br ows er to s tor e y our WebAs s ign pas s wor d. CUSTOMER SUPPORT O nline help: c lic k Call: ( 800) 955­ 8275 Submit a c us tomer s uppor t r...
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