MAE 112 PROPULSION F - MAE 112 PROPULSION FIRST MIDQUARTER EXAM February 8 2007 Do all three problems in ninety minutes Books notes and calculators

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MAE 112 PROPULSION FIRST MIDQUARTER EXAM February, 8, 2007 Do all three problems in ninety minutes. Books, notes and calculators can be used freely. I. (a) Establish the equations which can be employed for the calculation of the equilibrium composition and the flame temperature when liquid methyl alcohol CH 3 OH burns adiabatically at a constant pressure of fifteen atmospheres. The mixture is lean with 75% excess air. The air enters at a temperature of 1000 ° R while the liquid fuel enters at 537 ° R. Consider the products to be CO 2 , CO, H 2 O, H 2 , O 2 , and N 2 only. Write all of the required equations with known quantities and parameters substituted into the equation. Identify the unknowns but do not solve the equations. (b) For the situation described above, establish the equations to solve for the theoretical (ideal) temperature and composition. What are the products in this case? Again, write the necessary equations, identify the known quantities, and identify the
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