HW4 - MAE146 Astronautics – Homework#4 Assigned Friday February 1 st 2008 Due date Friday February 8 th 2008(at the beginning of the lecture Note

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Unformatted text preview: MAE146: Astronautics – Homework #4 Assigned: Friday, February 1 st , 2008 Due date: Friday, February 8 th , 2008, (at the beginning of the lecture) Note: “Textbook” refers to Wiesel’s book, “Spaceflight dynamics”. Please justify all of your answers. Problem 1 (30 pts): Sounding rocket Textbook, page 226, # 4 Problem 2 (50 pts): Gravity turn and Trade-offs 1. Ignoring the interaction with the atmosphere and the pressure effects, write down the equations of motion of a rocket that maintains a constant thrust along its velocity vector assuming it is launched from a site located at an altitude h , latitude φ and longitude θ . We assume the specific impulse of the rocket is I sp and its initial mass is m . (a) First write down the equations of motion in inertial space and then in the local frame of reference (Earth assumed to be moving uniformly about its axis passing through the poles)....
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