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MAE146: Astronautics – Homework #6 Assigned: Monday, February 25 th , 2008 Due date: Monday, March 3 rd , 2008, (at the beginning of the lecture) Note: “Textbook” refers to Wiesel’s book, “Space±ight dynamics”. Please justify all of your answers. Problem 1 (20pts): Space shuttle transfer Textbook, page 93, # 3 Problem 2 (20pts): Ground tracks Textbook, page 95, #6 What is the condition for having repeat ground track orbits, that is orbits for which the ground track closes upon itself after N revolutions? Problem3 (30pts): Geostationary orbits
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Unformatted text preview: Textbook, page 93, # 1 Textbook, page 94, # 5 Problem4 (30pts): Radial burn At an arbitrary point, 1 , in an intial orbit i , a velocity increment Δ V is added in the radial direction. A ²nal orbit, f , is thus achieved. Compare the angular momenta h and the semilatus recta p in the two orbits. Determine the radius in the ²nal orbit at the point that is 180 o in central angle away from point 1 (see Figure 1 below). Figure 1: Setting for Problem 4. 1...
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