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1 MAE157 – Lightweight structures (Winter 08) Homework Assignment #6 Due in class on Tuesday, Feb 26 th Solve the following three problems. For each problem, provide a detailed explanation of all the steps involved. Problem 1 Problem 23.6 on page 634 of Megson’s book. Note: You are not asked to solve for the shear center. You can assume you know that x S = 160.1 mm . Tip #1: If a shear force is applied to the shear center, then no twisting of the cross-section occurs. It follows that d ! / dz = 0 for every section.
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Unformatted text preview: This gives you two equations that allow solution for q s ,0 I and q s ,0 II without the need to calculate any moments. Tip #2: Go back to your notes to see how to deal with sections made of different materials. Problem 2 Problem 23.4 on page 633 of Megson’s book. Problem 3 A wing with the cross-section depicted in the figure is subject to a torque T=10kNm. The nose abc of the section is half of an ellipse. Calculate the shear flow distribution in the section. 20cm...
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