This photo shows a solar evaporation pond the blue

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Unformatted text preview: LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) Mixtures: Sodium and potassium compounds such as NaCl(s) and KCl(s) are obtained commercially by evaporation of brines. This photo shows a solar evaporation pond. The blue color is due to a dye that is mixed with the solution to enhance heat absorption and hence speed up evaporation. Component substances that exist together without combining chemically. shown in Figure 2.10. Mercury distillation is usually carried out in an iron flask, and the mercury is collected and reused to extract more gold. Another example Title General Chemistry - 4th ed of distillation is the extraction of fresh water from seawater; the dissolved salts Authodistillation flask after remain behind as solids in the r McQuarrie/Gallogy the water is boiled away. The simple distillation apparatus shown in Figure 2.10 is suitable for the Artist George Kelvin separation of a liquid from a solution when a solid is dissolved in the liquid. Figure # 002-012 The liquid is the only component that vaporizes or, in other words, is the only Date 08/24/09 volatile (i.e., easily vaporized) component. The idea is that the liquid is boiled Check If a solution Approved away, leaving the solid behind. if revision x contains two or more volatile components, however (e.g., ethanol and water), then the components can be separated by taking advantage of differences in boiling point. The separation of a Homogeneous: Uniform from point to point (solutions are homogeneous) Distillation flask A simple distillation apparatus can be used to separate a solid from a liquid in which the solid is dissolved. The solution in the distillation flask is heated and the liquid is vaporized. The vapors rise in the distillation flask and pass into the condenser (the long, horizontal tube with the two hoses connected to it). The condenser is surrounded by a water jacket through which cooling water circulates. The vapor cools and condenses as it flows down the condenser tube. It is collected in the receiving flask. The solid component of the solution remains behind in the...
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