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EE481 Lab Exercises - Rev 7b EE 481 Electronics I...

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Rev 7b EE 481 - Electronics I Laboratory Overview EE481 1 O VERVIEW : Electronics I laboratory meets once each week for 3 hours. Each lab session will consist of a brief lecture/review on the upcoming lab experiment followed by experimental verification of the current week’s lab experiment. The course will include eight experiments, most of which consist of simulation and hardware verification. All design equations, schematics, pre-lab, and lab verification work shall be kept in a lab notebook following the format detailed below. Lab notebooks should be neat and organized so that they can be easily reviewed by the lab instructor and kept for future reference. The laboratory notebook will be submitted weekly as outlined below. The purpose of this laboratory is to introduce computer simulation and experimental verification of the most fundamental concepts involved in electronic theory and design. The sequence of experiments will cover the design of a simple operational amplifier, including the following topics: Electronic device modeling Transistor Biasing Current Source Design Small-Signal Voltage Amplification Differential Amplifier Operation Common-Mode Signal Rejection DC Level Shifting and Multi-Stage DC Coupling S CHEDULE : All Sections Lab Lab Title Date Performed I Diode Characteristics and Rectifier Circuits Week 2 II AC to DC Converters and Regulated Power Supplies Week 3 III BJT Characteristics and DC Biasing Week 4 IV Common Emitter Amplifier Design Week 5 V Current Source Design Week 6 VI Differential Amplifier Design Week 7 VII Multi-Stage Amplifier Design Week 8 VIII Output Stage Design Week 10
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EE 481 - Electronics I Laboratory Overview EE481 2 Lab notebooks will be submitted to the TA by 5 PM two business days following your laboratory session. They will be returned to you via your mail folder at least 24 hours prior to the next laboratory session to allow time for incorporation of pre-lab information for the subsequent lab. This submission schedule is subject to change based on the laboratory schedule and the TAs. The TAs will define binding due dates and return schedules. The dates provided in the above table are subject to change depending on the lecture progress, lab progress, and other variables. If you need to deviate from the above schedule, permission is required from your TA prior to the scheduled laboratory time . A TTENDANCE & G RADING P OLICY : Attendance is mandatory. If you have a valid reason for missing lab, inform your TA before the day of the lab. Laboratories will be made up by appointment only and the TA must sign the results. It is your responsibility to inform the TA in advance and to schedule a time slot during which to make up the experiment. Lab notebooks are considered late immediately after 5 PM on the submission date. Late points will be assessed at the rate of 10 points per business day . The maximum penalty for a given laboratory is 100%. All lab notebook reports that are submitted late MUST be signed by a TA or a faculty member. If
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EE481 Lab Exercises - Rev 7b EE 481 Electronics I...

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