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367 g cm3 2 you have landed a job managing an

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Unformatted text preview: 367 g / cm3 2. You have landed a job managing an exclusive golf course in Palm Springs after successfully completing Soil Science 10. The average evapotranspiration rate for the Southern California Desert in August is 0.9 cm/day. It is recommended to irrigate when one-half (50%) of the available water in the soil has been depleted. The turf on your course is rooted to a depth of 30 cm in a sandy loam soil. Using these irrigation criteria and the accompanying graph, determine how often you should irrigate. cm of H2O per 100 cm of soil 40 35 30 Field Capacity 25 20 15 10 5 0 Permanent Wilting Point m m m nd sa y loa lt loa y loa i s nd cla sa y cla Starting facts: Rate of water loss = 0.9 cm / day Irrigate when 50% of the available water is gone 30 cm rooting zone Sandy loam texture Available water holding capacity = field capacity – pwp AWHC = 18 – 6 = 12 cm H2O/100 cm soil A 30 cm rooting zone will have an AWHC of: 12 cm x 0.30 = 3.6 cm H2O You will irrigate when 50% of this is gone: 3.6 cm...
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