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Unformatted text preview: pends on the extent to which we can overcome the challenges described in this section. 15 References Kurt Salmon Associates Inc., Efficient Consumer Response: Enhancing Consumer Value in the Grocery Industry, Food Marketing Institute, Washington DC, 1993. 31 Computer Sciences Corporation, Efficient Foodservice Response: Enabling Growth in the Food-Prepared-Away-from-Home Industries, Food Distributors International, Washington DC, 1997. Barrett, S., and B. Konsynski, “Inter-organizational Information Sharing Systems, Quarterly, Special Issue, pp. 93-105, 1982. Milgrom, P. and J. Roberts, “Communication and Inventory as Substitutes in Organizing Production,” Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 90, pp. 275-289, 1988. Clark, A., and Scarf, H., “Optimal Policies for a Multi-Echelon Inventory Problem,” Management Science, 6, pp. 1960. Tang, C. “The Impact of Uncertainty on a Production Line,” Management Science, pp. 15 1, 1990. Kopczak, L. “Apple Computer’ Supplier Hubs: A Tale of Two Cities,” s Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum Case, 1997. San Jose News, “Joint Chip Inventories Urged,” June 4, 1997. Lee, H., Padmanabhan, and S. Whang, “Information Distortion in a Supply pp. 546-558, 1997. Chain: The Bullwhip Effect,” Management Science, Lee, H., V. Padmanabhan, and S. Whang, “The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains,” Sloan Management Review, pp. 1997. [1 Gal-Or, E. “Information Sharing in Oligopoly,” Econometrica, 53, pp. 329-344, 1985. Kirby, A., ‘ rade Associations as Information Exchange Mechanisms, T Journal of Economics, pp. 138-146, 1988. Rand [ Li, L. “Cournot Oligopoly with Information Sharing,” Rand Journal Economics, 16, pp. 521-536, 1985. W hang, S., “Analysis of Inter-organizational Information Sharing,” Journal Organizational Computing, pp. 257-277, 1993. 16 Lee, H., R. So and C. Tang, “The Value of Information Sharing in a Two-Level Supply Chain,” Working Paper, Stanford University, 1998. Cachon, G., and M. Fisher, “Supply...
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