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Unformatted text preview: an be analyzed and utilized for their inventory control and product development. Digital Market ( sells similar services in electronic parts market. Using a mixed network of VAN and the Internet, a buyer requests price and due-date quotes from multiple vendors on his approved vendor list. Upon receipt of the quote request, a software agent on the vendor’ side will s generate an automatic reply by invoking a set of rules and checking the inventory status. If the dollar amount is beyond a certain threshold, then the system will request human intervention. Likewise, QRS ( plays a similar role in the apparel and related industries, while Nonstop Solutions ( provides forecasting and inventory control services for the pharmaceutical industry. 3.3. Information Hub Model The Information Hub Model is similar to the Third-Party Model except that the third party is replaced by a system. This model is exemplified by the product offered by Pandesic - a joint venture between SAP and Intel. Example 4: (Pandesic ( Pandesic offers what they call an “e-business solution,” automating the full range of back-end processes for Web-based commerce. The Pandesic e-business solution is centered around an information hub that activates and coordinates various functional activities to complete a transaction. Its features include: accounting and inventory balancing, real time payments and financial reporting, warehousin g, inventory management, customer profiling, catalog management, credit card processing and others. As an example, consider an end customer who visits the site of a retailer that uses the Pandesic e-business solution (a combination of software and hardware products as well as certain services). The site displays most up-to-date information showing the latest names, descriptions, prices, and the current warehouse availability of products. When the customer selects an item and gives her credit card information, t...
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