Bull whip effect 3

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Unformatted text preview: Chain Inventory Management and the Value of Shared Information, Working Paper, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1997. Gavirneri, S., R. Kapuscinski, and S. Tayur, “Value of Information in Capacitated [ Supply Chains,” Working Paper, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1996. Whang, S., Saito, H., S Van Horne, C. Koshijima, and T. Ueda, “Seven-Eleven, Japan (SEJ),” Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum Case, 1997. Addicott, M., “The Web as a Vehicle for Value Creation in Logistics,” talk [ presented at Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, 1997. E. and H.L. Lee, “Mass Customization at Hewlett-Packard: the Power of Postponement,” Harvard Business Review, 75, 1, 1997, 12 1. Lee, H., “Effective Inventory and Service Management Through Product and Process Redesign,” Operations Research, 1), 5 159, 1996. Tsay, A., “Forecast Revision and Supply Chain Performance,” Working Paper, Santa Clara University, 1997. Austin, T.A., C.L. Givens, H.L. Lee, L. Kopczak, Unlocking Hidden Personal Supply Chain, Andersen Consulting, 1998. in the Sokol, P., From EDI to Electronic Commerce, McGraw-Hill Inc., 1995. Orfali, R. and D., Client-Server Programming with Java and CORBA, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1997. Fudenberg, D. and J. Tirole, Game Theory, The MIT Press, Cambridge Massachusetts, 1993. 1982. Shubik, Game Theory in the Social Sciences, MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 17 60 7 50 -40 -Sales ... 30 -- Actual Order , 20 -a Figure 1. The Bullwhip Effect (Lee, Padmanabhan and Whang (1997) ) 18 i Figure 2. Survey Results on Information Sharing 60 10 % from sample sharing indicates information shared electronically 3. Three Models of Information Sharing I. Information Transfer Model IX. Third Party Model Information System III. Information Hub Model 19...
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