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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Physics 8.02 Fall 2007 Please turn in your problem set at the entrance to the classroom labeled with your name and group (e.g. L01 6B). You will receive your group assignments at the beginning of class the day that this problem set is due Problem Set 1 Due: Wednesday, September 12 at beginning of class (by 10:15/12:15) Some notes about problem set problems: 1) All problems are graded out of 5 points, based on your display of your understanding of what is going on. You MUST show your work. Simply writing the answer will earn a score of 0 on that problem. The work must clearly show your understanding of the problem. Use some words and please write clearly so that the graders can read your writing. 2) Often problems will be very difficult. You should first try them by yourself but then work together with others and go to office hours to get more insight. At the end, though, make sure that the work you hand in is your own. Warm Up Every problem set will contain a couple of conceptual or straight forward analytic problems in order to ease you into the problem set Problem 1: Two Vectors Given two vectors, ˆˆ ˆ (4 3 5 ) =− + Ai j k G and ˆ ( 744 ) =+ + Bi j k G , evaluate the following: (a) ; 2 + AB G G G G (b) ; 3 G G (c) ; G G (d) . × (e) What is the angle between A G and B G ? (f) Find a unit vector perpendicular to A G and B G . PS01-1
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Problem 2: Electrostatic Force Consider three point charges (A, B, C) located as shown in figure at right (where d is 9.0 cm). A has positive charge 3.0 μ C while B & C both have negative charge -1.0 μ C. Calculate the resultant electric force on A. Be sure to specify both the magnitude and direction.
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