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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Physics 8.02 Fall 2007 Turn in at your table labeled with your name and group (e.g. L01 6B) Problem Set 2 Due: Wednesday, September 19 at beginning of class (before 10:15/12:15) Warm Up Problem 1: Closed Surfaces Four closed surfaces, S 1 through S 4 , together with the charges – 2 Q , Q , and – Q are sketched in the figure at right. The colored lines are the intersections of the surfaces with the page. Find the electric flux through each surface. Problem 2: Field on Axis of a Line Charge A wire of length has a uniform positive linear charge density and a total charge Q . Calculate the electric field at a point located along the axis of the wire and a distance from one end: l P a a. Give an integral expression for the electric field at point P in terms of the variables used in the figure below. b. Evaluate this integral. c. In the limit that the length of the rod goes to zero, does your answer reduce to the right expression? PS02-1
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Exam Problem Problem 3: Charged Slab & Sheets An infinite slab of charge carrying a charge per unit volume ρ has its boundaries located at x = 2 meters and x = +2 meters. It is infinite in the y direction and in the z direction (out of the page). Two similarly infinite charge sheets (zero thickness) are located at x = 6 meters and x =
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