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Unformatted text preview: active when the Cdk is appropriately phosphorylated Hardin et al., World of the Cell 8e, Fig. 19.36 MPF Components: Nobel Prize 2001 Lee Hartwell Paul Nurse Tim Hunt courtesy Nobel Foundation CSF causes metaphase arrest no division One blastomere injected at 2-cell stage Spindle arrested at metaphase Conclusion: CSF must prevent inactivation of MPF, since the injected cell arrests at the next metaphase Courtesy Ellen Shibuya MPF Regulation in Frog Oocytes Progesterone leads to activated MPF and progression past prophase of meiosis I Simplified from Gilbert, 9e, Fig. 16.22 MPF Activation: Cdk2 Knockout ovaries Cdc2 knockout females do not produce mature oocytes Berthet et al. (2003). Curr. Biol. 13:1775-85 MPF Regulation in Frog Oocytes Fertilization causes elevated calcium Simplified from Gilbert, 9e, Fig. 16.22 The Anaphase-Promoting Complex Inhibits MPF The APC is required for modifying the phosphorylation of Cdc2 (a Cdk) and for destruction of cyclin, thereby inactivating MPF modified from Gilbert, 9e, Fig. 16.23 CSF inhibits the APC ES cells to Oocytes Oocyte/cumulus-like complexes Some can be fertilized ES cells can be coaxed to form germ cells Hubner et al (2003). Science 300:1251-56 ES cells to Functional Sperm Cells GFP-tagged sperm-like cells Some can fertilize eggs ES cells can be coaxed to form germ cells Geijsen et al (2004). Nature 427:148-154 Sperm from ES cells Can Make Mice! Expressing sperm stem cell marker & haploid marker Expressing haploid marker Nayernia et al (2006). Dev Cell 11:125-132....
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