Dev dyn23812151225 mammals have cilia in the node

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Unformatted text preview: Blum et al (2009). Dev. Dyn.238:1215–1225 Mammals have cilia in the node Gilbert 9e, Fig. 8.35 Clues that humans require nodal cilia: Karatagener’s Triad •Kartagener’s triad: ~50% situs inversus totalis. •Males have immotile heart sperm. •All patients have respiratory problems due to mucus accumulation in the bronchi and lungs. http://pictures.doccheck.com/de/photos/10204/4888/situs-inversus/ Karatagener’s Triad results from loss of outer dynein arms normal PCD •Kartagener’s triad is often called primary ciliary dyskenesia •It results from loss of outer dynein arms, leading to immotile cilia and flagella http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/79/ Kartagener.svg/1000px-Kartagener.svg.png Flow occurs in other vertebrates Blum et al (2009). Dev. Dyn.238:1215–1225 L/R dynein mutants misexpress Pitx2 L/R dynein is require...
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