Development 134 3893 3904 blum et al 1999 development

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Unformatted text preview: et al (2007). Development 134, 3893-3904. Blum et al (1999). Development 126, 1225-1234 Chick: Nodal regulates the location of Pitx2 Piedra et al (1998). Cell 94, 319–324 Nodal mRNA Pitx2 mRNA Conclusion: Nodal induces Pitx2 expression later Nodal cilia in fish are in Kupffer’s vesicle Kupffer’s vesicle comes from dorsal forerunner cells (special cells that do not involute during gastrulation). They are ciliated Gilbert 9e, Fig. 7.49 Removing cells that make Kupffer’s vesicle frequently results in L/R reversals Normal L KV precursor cells removed heart mesoderm notochord Conclusion: Kupffer’s vesicle is necessary for L/R specification Essner et al (2004). Development 132, 1247-1260 R Cilia are found in axial structures in all vertebrates frog: gastrocoel roof plate mammals: posterior node/notochord mouse rabbit...
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