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Unformatted text preview: ponents (e.g. Shh) are not obviously identical Nodal Pitx2 Pitx2 is a transcription factor Left Lefty1 Lefty1 is a Nodal inhibitor expressed along the midline midline Right adapted from Gilbert 9e, Fig. 8.14 Pitx2 is on the left side in frog embryos Left Right M.-I. Chung et al. (2012). Dev. Biol. 363, 155–165 Pitx2 expression influences L/R axis specification in frogs Wildtype •Loss or pitx2 mRNA injected injected overexpression of Pitx2 in fish, frogs, chick and mice results in laterality defects (frog shown) •Rieger syndrome in humans: laterality defects due to pitx2 mutation Gilbert 9e, Fig. 7.36 normal gut coiling reversed gut coiling Chick: L/R axis specification involves Nodal and Pitx2 Nodal mRNA Pitx2 mRNA* L Gilbert 9e, Fig. 8.14 R *Note: flipped relative to book, since the book image is a view “from below” [from ventral side] Mouse: L/R Axis involves Nodal and Pitx2 Nodal mRNA R Pitx2 mRNA left view L Oki...
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