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10 limb bud ectoderm expresses fgf8 throughout its

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Unformatted text preview: Fig. 13.10 Limb bud ectoderm expresses FGF8 throughout its extension Gilbert 9e, Fig. 13.10 FGFs are expressed in specialized ectoderm throughout its proximal-distal outgrowth. FGFs act as a mitogen (stimulating proliferation) of underlying mesenchyme. The anterior-posterior position of the limb bud determines its identity Forelimb (in chicks, wing) bud cells express Tbx5, a transcription factor. Gilbert 9e, Fig. 13.7 Hindlimb bud cells express Tbx4, a similar transcription factor. Tbx5 is expressed in wings, Tbx4 in legs Wing Tbx4 Tbx5 Leg Limb buds have mixed identity in limbs that express both Tbx4 & 5 Gilbert 9e, Fig. 13.7 Forelimb (in chicks, wing) bud cells normally express Tbx5; hindlimb bud cells express Tbx4....
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