This leads to expression of fgf8 in the overlying

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Unformatted text preview: . This leads to expression of FGF8 in the overlying limb bud ectoderm. simplified from Gilbert 9e, Fig. 13.20 FGF10 can induce an extra limb Gilbert 9e, Fig. 13.5 A bead soaked with FGF10 implanted in the flank is sufficient for an extra limb to grow out. FGF10 KOs lack limbs Min et al (1998). Genes & Dev. 12:3156 FGF10 KO mice lack limb buds. Conclusion: FGF10 is sufficient and necessary for limb bud outgrowth. Limb bud ectoderm expresses FGF8 FGF8 is expressed in the overlying limb bud ectoderm. Other FGFs are also expressed there and are likely functionally redundant with FGF8, including FGF2 and FGF4, depending on the species. Gilbert 9e,...
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