Metatarsal tibiabula femur cooper et al 2011 science

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Unformatted text preview: . metatarsal tibia/fibula femur Cooper et al (2011). Science 32, 1083. digit FGF8 + Wnt3a ➔ distal digit Wnt3a and FGF8 act as proliferation signals, but result in digits (distal elements only). Other proximal limb elements are missing. Cooper et al (2011). Science 32, 1083 RA+ FGF8 + Wnt3a ➔ “normal” digit metatarsal tibia/fibula femur A source of retinoic acid (RA) is necessary for proximal limb elements in reconstituted limbs. Cooper et al (2011). Science 32, 1083 Proximal-distal outgrowth may involve a balance of signals RA FGF proximal distal A balance of FGF (distal) and RA (proximal) signals may pattern the limb along the P-D axis. adapted from Gilbert 9e,...
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